How to manage Earth work activities with TILOS (Mass Haulage & Brudner Diagram)

April 13, 7:00 AM by GMT
Duration: 1 hour
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We are setting “ How to manage Earth work activities with TILOS (Mass Haulage & Brudner Diagram)” webinar as detailed above.

The Agenda

Explanation of the basic concept of Mass Haul Diagram

  • Mass Haul Analysis
    • Own cut and fill styles for different soil classes
    • Areas for cut and fill with quantities
    • The material flow – Using Excel data to create mass areas
    • S-curve with cut and fill – Mass balance curve
  • Scheduling Earth Movements
    • Planning Mass Haul transportation
    • Planning cut and fill
    • Task and resource planning
    • Planning productivity rate and performance
  • Monitoring Planned Performance Against Achieved Performance
    • Progress and Performance
    • Time histogram for performance
    • Calculate Total mass cost
  • Questions and Answers


TILOS Details:

TILOS (TIme-LOcation System) is a planning software for managing linear construction projects, basically utilities and infrastructure projects. It can be used in different construction industries, like Highway, Railway, Metro, Fast Tram, Pipeline and Tunnel Construction, but also in Water Engineering or Transmission Line Building.

Traditional planning systems display their results in bar charts or network diagrams. Linear projects present unique challenges because the crews and equipment move along the construction right-of-way to perform their work. Permits, environmental constraints, construction related issues and risk elements are easily incorporated into the plan to give a single overall view of the project. Neither of the traditional diagrams are able to show a graphical link between the location where the work is performed (the distance axis) and the time when it is executed (the time axis).

TILOS is used to incorporate design details, construction challenges, risk elements and your project schedule in a single view. It is fully integrated with the leading CPM scheduling tools.

It is simply the best tool for planning and managing linear projects.

The top ten European construction companies all use TILOS.

TILOS (Time-Location Scheduling and Controlling Solution for Linear Projects)

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Competenta de baza a companiei este expertiza in solutiile CAD si de Project Management specializat, pe care specialistii nostri le testeaza si implementeaza de 20 de ani in diverse domenii industriale si civile. Oferim clientilor nostri solutii CAD si de Project Management personalizate - software, hardware, periferice si servicii – testate si adaptate fiecarui domeniu de activitate. Solutiile oferite de noi respecta intotdeauna principiul eficientei economice, sunt concepute sa evite risipa resurselor financiare si au in vedere profitabilitatea in timp cat mai scurt pentru clienti. Prin munca noastra intelegem sa devenim parteneri si sa ne asociem cu clientul in asumarea responsabilitatilor lui. Consideram ca avem obligatia sa ne tratam corect si responsabil toti partenerii si sa actionam in scopul beneficiului comun, intrucat avem convingerea ca doar succesul obtinut in echipa dureaza in timp.

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